shounen ai

What is Shounen Ai?

Shounen Ai is a genre of Japanese media, including anime, manga, and light novels, that focuses on romantic or romanticized relationships between male characters. The term "Shounen Ai" translates to "boys' love" or "young boy's love."

Top 2 Best Shounen Ai of all time?

1.The Dawn That Cuts Through The Night

Hyeon-oh became a yakuza and continued to lead a meaningless life. During a low moment in his life he decides he no longer wants to live, however he is brought back to life by the helping hands of Seohyun. The memory of a single day with Seohyun would be the reason for Hyeonoh to keep living his life, and Seohyun believed that he would live a life that was the exact opposite of his own. However, six years later, Hyeonoh reunites with Seohyun, who has become a host, at a local host bar. “How’s that, Hyung, I’ve grown a lot, haven’t I?”
, Drama, Romance, 

2.OMG! I’m Pregnant With Him

A gorgeous Omega transmigrated into a normal society, and he collapsed on the street after getting intoxicated by the pheromone he released.
Genre(s):  , Fantasy, Romance,